Clinic’s future topic of meeting tonight

The future of the Fort Frances Clinic will be discussed at a public meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Civic Centre.
In an interview late Friday, Mayor Roy Avis said he strongly encourages the public to attend the meeting or watch it at home on Shaw Cable (Channel 10).
“It is a very important meeting. It is going to give direction to the future of health care in this community,” he stressed. “It’s going to be a very informative meeting.”
John McTaggart, chair of the Fort Frances Community Clinic Inc. board, is slated to present the terms and conditions of a proposed financial agreement, whereby the Town of Fort Frances will loan $1 million to the new not-for-profit corporation to purchase and operate the clinic building and all of its related assets (equipment, etc.)
“The town is going to loan this not-for-profit organization, which is community-owned and community-based, $1 million to be paid back over 15 years at zero percent interest, and we take back security to cover our loan,” explained Mayor Avis.
The mayor stressed the town is not buying the clinic; it simply is loaning the funds to Fort Frances Community Clinic Inc.
“The town is not purchasing the building, the town is not going to operate this,” he remarked. “It’s going to be owned and operated by a separate organization.
“We’re taking the Fort Frances Clinic out of private ownership and into public ownership. It’s going to be owned by this non-profit organization,” he added.
Mayor Avis noted more information regarding the origin and structure of this new not-for-profit corporation also will be given out at tonight’s meeting.
Currently, the Fort Frances Community Clinic Inc. is comprised of a group of community volunteers who have been working for the past year to start up the not-for-profit corporation, as well as work on how the Family Health Team model will be implemented at the public-owned clinic.
Mayor Avis said residents will be able to find out how more this evening as to how they can get involved in the new organization.
Also on the agenda will be local residents Allan T. Bedard, Bill Krukoski, and Nick Wihnan.
Tonight’s meeting is scheduled to run until 8 p.m.