‘Chem-free’ grad taking shape

On June 18, from 10:30 p.m. until 4 a.m. the next morning, Grade 12 graduates and their classmates from Fort Frances High School will be celebrating at “chem-free.”
And this event, which has become a tradition at Fort High over the years, promises to be the best “all-nighter” ever.
In anticipation of the “final get-together,” senior students already have purchased their tickets for the evening. For a small number of parent volunteers and graduating students, however, the work has gone beyond just buying a ticket.
For months now, the organizing committee has met at Fort High in order to plan the evening’s activities, create fundraising opportunities, and solicit the help of parents who want to take an active role in providing a safe and entertaining evening for their own children.
Food has been ordered, “Air Bounce” games have been booked, and countless other details have been marked off.
For some parents, their efforts will have come to an end when the first grad walks into the Memorial Arena that evening. For others, their efforts will just be beginning.
Parent volunteers will be supervising games, handing out food, setting up entertainment stations, and basically seeing that the participants have a risk-free evening.
Some of the evening’s entertainment will include “Name That Tune,” video games on big-screen TVs, “Bungee Run,” games of chance, and much, much more.
Besides providing all-you-can-eat food, music, and games, students also will have the chance to win valuable prizes.
The biggest prize of the evening, though, will be the opportunity for the graduates to spend one last time with the people they’ve been with over the past four years.
Parents who still want to help out with “chem-free” grad are invited to call Fort Frances High School at 274-7747 and leave a message for the committee.
A parent’s involvement for an hour or two could provide a lifetime of opportunity for some young adult.