Chamber to launch centennial coin

Although the coins and gift sets have been available since the end of July, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce officially will launch its $3 “centennial coin” campaign tomorrow.
This kick-off will happen at 2 p.m. at the Fort Frances Museum. Coffee and dainties will be served, and everyone is welcome to attend.
“The campaign seems to be a big hit already,” Chamber co-ordinator Dawn Booth said.
“With minimal publicity regarding the project, businesses and residents seem to be highly-receptive of the idea and there is a lot of excitement surrounding it,” she added.
“It’s a great way to mark the centennial year and a fabulous keepsake.”
The idea for the $3 coin was brought to the Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors by one of the directors in the spring, and they thought it would be the perfect opportunity to commemorate the town’s centennial in 2003.
The coins, which will be in circulation until the end of next year and are legal tender within the Town of Fort Frances, are available for purchase individually or in rolls of 25.
Gift sets also are available and include silver-plated, gold-plated, and bi-metal $3 coins in a decorative case with a picture of Fort Frances back in 1903 as well as an up-to-date one.
For more info on the $3 coins, call Booth at 274-5773.