Campbell slams call centre location

Press Release

If the Liberal government is serious about job creation in Ontario, why won’t it employ Ontario workers in its call centres?
That was question being asked by Kenora-Rainy River MPP Sarah Campbell during Question Period on Monday.
Campbell has learned that one of the call centres responsible for issuing hunting and fishing licenses is based in Tennessee, ignoring the thousands of people across Ontario who desperately are seeking work.
Campbell said the decision to outsource the jobs is more salt in the wound of families who see no commitment to jobs in the 2012 Ontario budget.
“There’s no plan to create jobs in our communities in this budget,” she charged. “There’s no commitment to invest in the infrastructure we need to develop the ‘Ring of Fire.’
“To make things worse, cuts to tourist information centres will make it difficult for already struggling tourist outfitters to grow their business,” she added.
Northern Development and Mines minister Rick Bartolucci ignored Campbell’s question and refused to provide any plans to keep jobs in Ontario.
Campbell said the minister’s answers are unacceptable, and is asking the government to explain why it turned its back on Ontario workers in favour of labour in another country.
“There is absolutely no justification for this decision,” she stressed.
“Families are struggling to make ends meet, businesses are closing their doors, and this government is shipping jobs and the tax revenue those jobs create to Tennessee.”
She is calling on the government to reverse the decision and halt any restructuring of the Ministry of Natural Resources until the government fully discloses its plan and is forthcoming about any further outsourcing.
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