Brief power outage prompts response

The Fort Frances Fire Department had to respond to a trio of calls in a matter of minutes yesterday after a power “bump” caused a few problems in the central part of town.
Fire captain Joe Bobczynski said firefighters first got called to Columbus Place on Nelson Street around 2 p.m. to rescue a resident who was trapped in an elevator due to the brief power outage.
Firefighters then responded to a call at the Fort Frances Public Library when smoke was reported in the building.
Apparently, the furnace went out there and then came back on, burning out the motor in the process, said Bobczynski. This resulted in a small quantity of smoke in the library.
A fan briefly was placed near the front doors to air out the building.
Firefighters also had to go to the Civc Centre where the fire alarms went off, coinciding with what Bobczynski referred to as a “power bump.”^This also caused a problem with the furnace there.
No injuries were reported in any of these incidents and the smoke damage was minimal. The total time spent responding to these calls was about 20 minutes, noted Bobczynski.
Steve Gagne, superintendent of the Fort Frances Power Corp., said yesterday that a switch on the 600 block of Victoria Avenue malfunctioned, causing an outage that lasted “a few seconds,” affecting customers in that part of town.
The situation was quickly rectified, with few problems, he noted.
But Canada Safeway manager Dave McBride reported this morning the store has been operating with “partial lighting, partial heat, and some production equipment down” since yesterday’s outage.
The gas bar there also had to be shut down until 6:40 p.m. yesterday as some equipment had to be reset.
“It’s business as usual today, but it’s going to take us a few days to get everything back to normal,” McBride remarked.