Boshcoff wins

Liberal candidate Ken Boshcoff was elected as the first MP for the new Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding last night with a healthy margin of more than 3,000 votes.
According to preliminary counts, Boshcoff took 14,003 votes of the 35,537 cast across the riding, or 39.4 percent of the popular vote.
John Rafferty of the NDP came in second with 10,602 votes (29.8 percent), followed by Conservative candidate David Leskowski with 9,314 (26.2 percent).
Russ Aegard of the Green Party was a distant fourth with 831 votes (2.3 percent), followed by Doug Thompson of the Marijuana Party with 526 (1.5 percent) and Johannes Scheibler of the Christian Heritage Party with 260 (0.7 percent).
The preliminary voter turnout for the riding was estimated at 56.4 percent, or 35,537 votes out of about 63,000 eligible voters.
“The most important thing in government is to remember the people who elected you,” Boshcoff told a crowd of rowdy supporters at the DaVinci Centre in Thunder Bay last night.
“I will be asking you to help set priorities, for your expertise,” he added.
Liberal supporters were celebrating victory by 10:30 p.m. (EDT) when most of the polls had been reported from the riding.
“I am so happy, I am so proud, I am so pleased,” enthused Stan Dromisky, the former Liberal MP for the old Thunder Bay-Atikokan riding.
“I’m turning the office over to Ken. The background he has is crucial, absolutely crucial,” Dromisky noted, citing Boshcoff’s experience as a mayor of Thunder Bay.
“In a very short period of time, he’s going to be one of the highlights of the Government of Canada.”
Rafferty and his supporters watched the results come in on television at the Lakehead Labour Centre. The NDP candidate said he felt he had a strong show of support, but would not confirm whether he would run again.
“I’m very pleased with all of the polls and all of the folks outside of Thunder Bay. They came across in spades,” he said. “It just appears that folks in Thunder Bay itself were not ready to get rid of the Liberals.”
Leskowski and a group of about 40 supporters watched the election coverage from their campaign office, where the mood was sombre.
“I’m really disappointed for the campaign team and I’m disappointed for Northwestern Ontario,” Leskowski said. “I think we had an opportunity to catch attention for our region and I think we missed that boat.”
The verified results for the riding should be available by Friday.