Board celebrating Catholic education

Press Release

During the week of May 6-11, the Northwest Catholic District School Board will celebrate what Catholic education means to our students, our community, and to the province.
The theme for this year’s Catholic Education Week is “Catholic Education: Walking in the Light of Christ.”
“Catholic Education Week is truly every week . . . but it is exciting and a pleasure to celebrate the exceptional work of our students and staff in all of our Catholic schools during this special celebration of Catholic education,” said Director of Education Mary-Catherine Kelly.
“In our board, we celebrate Gospel values with our students so that children can learn to contribute to the welfare of the common good in all of our communities,” she added.
“Our Catholic schools provide wonderful places to learn and grow in Christ’s Light, and to follow his teachings of love, caring, compassion, and justice,” echoed board chair Anne-Marie Fitzgerald.
“There are five sub-themes, one for each day of Catholic Education Week, and they are aimed at helping staff and students to reflect more fully on what ‘Walking in the Light of Christ’ asks of them,” noted Amy LaFroy, Catholicity co-ordinator for the NCDSB.
The five sub-themes are “Listening in the Light of Christ,” “Learning in the Light of Christ,” “Living in the Light of Christ,” “Loving in the Light of Christ,” and “Leading in the Light of Christ.”
St. Francis School here has a full week of events planned.
Today, students chose a person or a place in the world where people are struggling and decorated a special footprint prayer card, which will be hung on the walls in the school.
Tomorrow, Grade 8 student mentors will meet with their Grade 4 partners while Wednesday will see students participate in a speech contest.
Then on Thursday, students and staff will gather together in prayer as they “Walk in the Light of Christ” outside the school before continuing inside the gym with a glow stick prayer service.
Finally, Friday will be “Culture Day,” featuring five different activities based on French and Native culture and one about personal heritage.
St. Michael’s School, meanwhile, will hold a prayer service each day to celebrate the different themes of Catholic Education Week.
Students in Grades 1-3 will participate in a spelling bee. Grade 2 students will be baking bread and immersing themselves in activities focused on the Holy Eucharist in preparation for their First Communion.
The Grade 2 class also will visit Fr. Francis Pudicherry at St. Mary’s Church to further develop their faith and understanding of the sacred vessels and vestments of the Church and the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.
On Thursday, the school will participate in a “Career Day,” where students will be asked to dress up as their favourite career person.
And Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton will begin each day with an assembly and prayer service in the gym, along with other activities.