Beef club learns about showing calves

Submitted by
the United Beef Club

On Saturday, July 28, the United Beef Club held their annual Funday, hosted by Ken and Mary Ann Haw.
All members and leaders were present. Everyone came with their animals washed, clipped and ready to go!
Neil and Ken Haw demonstrated how to groom and clip the calves.
Ken Haw also showed everyone how to properly tie their animals for the Emo Fair.
Members then practiced showing their calves like they would at the fair.
Following our practice show, each member got to weigh their project calf.
After working with our calves, we all had wonderful lunch together.
Today we learned a lot and gained a bit more showing experience.
We are all ready for the fair and hope to see everybody at the fair Aug.16-18 at the Emo fairgrounds.
The market steer auction will be held on Saturday, Aug. 18 at 4 p.m.