‘Arrogant Worms’ inching their way here

Some people might not get excited to hear the “Arrogant Worms” are coming to town next week.
Admittedly, the name chosen by this Kingston trio sounds more like a fishing lure than it does a musical comedy troupe. But don’t let yourself be thrown by their offbeat moniker–otherwise you might miss out on one of the funniest experiences of your life.
The Worms–as they are often called–inch their way on stage next Wednesday (Jan. 14) at 7:30 p.m. at the J.A. Mathieu Auditorium as a part of “tour de Fort” concert series, with Causeway General Insurance the primary sponsor this time.
“tour de Fort” president Dr. Ted Jablonski said the Arrogant Worms bring a very high-energy act with them, designed to keep the audience laughing.
“Most people who see them really enjoy them,” he said. “They’re a clean act–no profanity–but very witty. I hope people have an open mind because they’re hilariously funny.”
Often compared with Canadian groups like “Moxy Fruvous” and the “Barenaked Ladies,” the Worms have made frequent appearances on CBC radio with such shows as “Basic Black” and “Definitely Not the Opera.”
They’ve performed across Canada at various festivals, including the folk ones in Winnipeg and Ottawa, and have ventured into the United States–getting rave reviews at the Orlando Fringe Festival and the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.
The Worms also have made three music videos, and have gotten air time on MuchMusic. One song, “Carrot Juice is Murder,” was the number-one requested one on the “Dr. Demento Show” in the U.S.
“Kids really like them and teenagers,” Dr. Jablonski said, but added any age group from six to 60 could like them.
“You’ve got to be prepared to have a good time,” he warned.
“tour de Fort” also will be dropping the ticket price down to $10 for students, instead of the normal $15, to “open it up to students,” Dr. Jablonski said.
University and college students also are eligible for the student rate.
“If they have a student card that would equal a student rate,” he said. “This is one concert a university student would love to see.”