Aquafit to return with certified instructor

By Allan Bradbury
Staff Writer

Many pool patrons were dismayed last winter when the Fort Frances Memorial Sports Complex stopped offering Aquafit classes. The classes are set to resume some time in the near future after an instructor has finished the training.

Tyler Young, the town’s outgoing recreation and culture manager, says the hope is to get the program running by early June, though that will be after Young has left the position. 

“One of our full-time staff members is completing the course to be trained as an Aquafit instructor,” Young said. “She should be finished by the end of this month and we expect to resume Aquafit in early June.”

When the program was initially cancelled in December, the town hoped it would be able to find a trained instructor quickly, but soon realized it would be necessary to have someone trained.

“We looked at the needs, we looked at where we were as a community, and we tried to explore other options to see if there were individuals out there that were already trained,” Young said.

“We realized that there weren’t, and because of our location, because we’re remote, we’re not near a large urban centre. We had an individual on staff that was keen and eager, and we felt that it was in the best interest of the department and for the residents of the community to have someone on staff with those skills so we decided to move forward with that.”

When the instructor has finished training, Aquafit will be added back to the pool schedule. Pool patrons eager to see the program back can check the Memorial Sports Complex Facebook page as well as the Town of Fort Frances website.