Answers now posted


Candidates’ answers to questions posed to them by the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce have now been posted to its website for public viewing.
The 35-page document is available at
Prior to the Tuesday’s candidates’ forum, the three mayoral candidates and 16 council candidates were given a slew of questions, such as:
•Why did you choose to run for town council/mayor?
•Given the economic challenges faced by the community, what is your plan to create jobs, maintain the quality of life, and retain our population base?
•How do you plan to support the local business community?
•How do you plan to ensure that the town’s infrastructure provides the necessary levels of service in the upcoming years, without placing undue burden on taxpayers?
•How would you build and maintain strong partnerships with First Nations, nearby municipalities, and International Falls?
Not all candidates responded to the questions.
If the Chamber receives any further responses from candidates, it will be sure to add them to the document as they come in.