ALLAN T. BEDARD (2014 election)

My report card is clear. We stood front and centre—on behalf of all taxpayers—and made countless presentations to council on many issues facing the town, such as the unnecessary/unwarranted public investment of tax dollars into the Huffman Subdivision.
These also include transportation issues, the million-dollar tax giveaway to the Fort Frances Clinic, and council’s supported change of our local health care, which resulted in our hospital emergency room becoming a walk-in clinic because of the wait times for securing an appointment with our local doctors.
We challenged council’s decision to sever the dam from the mill. We made it clear to them that their thoughtless decision would shut this mill down within seven years.
I personally challenged council’s decision legally but this council bent over backwards to support Resolute’s request and here we are, seven years later, with a mill that is shut down.
My platform is as follows:
I will call for a forensic audit. I am not talking about fraud—I’m talking about waste, proper spending, full transparency, accountability, optimizing cash flow, and better allocation of resources, etc.
Every elected official should undertake municipal finance training so they understand the consequences of every financial decision to be made by them.
I will act quickly to terminate this council’s appointed board governing the Sister Kennedy Centre and repeal the process used to take away the independent control of the operations of the Sister Kennedy Centre from the seniors.
I will call on council to develop a taxpayers’ protocol bylaw, protecting public property from future councils who wish to destroy or tear down taxpayer-owned buildings without a public process (i.e., Huffman School).
I will offer a plan for tax credit relief for low-income taxpayers (i.e., below a $28,000 annual income), tackle the give back of millions of tax dollars to Resolute, and work with Couchiching, district councils, and our business community (i.e., Chamber of Commerce and BIA) on economic initiatives that will right our economic ship with economic growth and job creation.
I will support town sidewalks and take action to prevent tearing them out. I will render decisions to spend wisely and hold the line on taxes, review and resolve the critical needs of our crumbling infrastructure, and establish supports for our seniors, disabled, and mobility-impaired—and that includes assisted living.
I also will not make back-door decisions or hold in-camera meetings that violate the law.
As you can see, I am not a one-agenda candidate.
I was born, raised, and lived in Fort Frances almost all of my life. My wife, Laura, and I raised four children here. They are all happily married to perfect spouses who provided us with seven beautiful grandchildren, who are the love of our life.
We have a future here. I am ready to make the investment in the time necessary to meet the diverse challenges that lie ahead.
Vote Allan T. Bedard for council. Thank you.