Additional case reported in Rainy River region


Today the Northwestern Health Unit received report of one new positive COVID-19 test result in the District of Rainy River area, bringing the number of active cases in the Rainy River region to six.

There is one positive case associated with the Kenora region, in an individual who is not physically in the area.

The Ontario database, which lags the NWHU data by several days, is showing 10 active cases. Four of those are close contacts, with the remainder showing as missing their case acquisition information. There are seven in the under 20 age group, one in their 40s and two in their 50s.

Follow up with the persons involved and their contacts has started according to protocol. Anyone who is identified as a contact for these cases will be contacted directly.

For reasons of privacy, NWHU minimizes sharing the information about the location of COVID-19 test results. Information about gender, age and method of transmission will be posted to the Ontario COVID data website when it is available.

NWHU recommends that everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, assume COVID-19 is in their community and practise preventive measures like physical distancing, wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces and when physical distancing is a challenge, good hand hygiene, and not touching their face. Anyone who has symptoms, or who has been in contact with a positive case, should self-isolate and get tested.  For information about getting tested, please visit the NWHU website for instructions on how to schedule an appointment at an assessment centre.