Aazhogan LP announces updated toll structure for the Fort Frances – International Falls crossing

Aazhogan LP
Press release

Fort Frances, Ontario – Aazhogan LP is announcing today that it is changing the toll structure at its Fort Frances – International Falls Crossing (“Aazhogan Bridge”). The previous toll structure will be simplified from seven to four categories:

  • Two categories for commuter travel (Light Vehicle and Commuter); and
  • Two categories for commercial vehicles (Commercial and Oversize).

Vehicles with three or more axles will pay an additional fee for each additional axle. Vehicles with trailers will not be eligible to use commuter cards.

The new structure will come into effect on November 1, 2023, for tolls purchased at the booth and on January 1, 2024, for commuters purchasing commuter cards at various retailers in Fort Frances, Ontario, and International Falls, Minnesota. Once purchased, commuter cards will be active through the effective date printed on the card or until they are used up.

All tolls charged with respect to the Aazhogan Bridge are charged on the Minnesota side of the crossing. No tolls are charged in Canada. Tolls are only charged in one direction, north toward Canada.

November 2023 Toll Booth Pricing

Updated Toll Categories US $ (First 2 Axles)
CAD $ (First 2 Axles)
Additional Axles
Light Vehicles (Cars, Pickups, Motorcycles)
$9.00 $11.00 US$3.00/CAD$4.00
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks, Semis, Buses)
$13.00 $16.00 US$3.00/CAD$4.00
Oversize $350.00 $430.00 By Quote
Commuter Cards (2 axles only) – US$72.00/CAD$90.00 for 12 crossings from approved vendors.

The new toll structure is designed to align the Fort Frances – International Falls crossing with other international toll crossings along the Canada-US border, adjusted for the unique conditions of operating a toll bridge in a remote location with lower traffic volumes. The previous structure was implemented in 2016 when bridge operations were combined with paper mill operations.

The changes to the toll structure will support ongoing bridge maintenance projects in fall 2023 and spring 2024. Some non-structural projects had been put on hold during the COVID pandemic when the bridge was deemed an essential service without corresponding compensation for lost revenues. The steel railway bridge at the crossing will remain closed to vehicle traffic and open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic for the foreseeable future.

Aazhogan will continue to review ongoing and long-term maintenance costs with the toll structure updated at a minimum every two years moving forward.