Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

Several local rural businesses are continuing to practice safety procedures regarding the Covid 19 Virus.
DevLynn’s continues to allow only four customers in the store at a time
Tompkins is doing “curb side pick up.” with only one person being allowed in the store at a time, allowing that customer to pay for their purchase before the next customer is allowed in. Deliveries are being done with no contact
Cloverleaf monitors how many customers are in the store. If there are too many customers, the overflow will be asked to wait outside. There are arrows on the floor to direct traffic.
And all businesses are constantly disinfecting.
Much appreciation sent to all businesses following the guidelines at this time.
Sympathy to the family and friends of Mike Renberg. Thinking of you at this sad time Julie Lutz in the passing of your brother.
Congratulations to Will McQuaker and his wife Michelle Bizjak McQuaker on the birth of their child Julian William McQuaker born April 17.
Proud grandparents are Craig and Della McQuaker And Mary and Frank Bizjak and great grandparents Forrest and the late Audrey McQuaker and Maria Bizjak.

Robins 2 cents
In the midst of a terrible storm, a Great Dane and a dachshund find themselves standing in a snowdrift.
“Brr,” says the Great Dane. “My paws are freezing.”
“Don’t whine to me,” says the dachshund. “I’ve got my own problems.”