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Cattle sale coming

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020

I hope that everyone had a great Easter, despite the different times. I know many of you were missing your family and friends.

If you are all safe and healthy those are the most important things. We must be thankful that most of us live where we can get outside and not be around others.

When All The World

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020

When my world gets heavy, when I struggle to make sense of things, when it feels as though the Earth has lost its orbit, I try to find something I can control in a world out of control, something that makes me happy, makes me feel safe. When I was younger, I would throw my leg over my best friend's bare back and we would gallop.

What's in a cookie

I love oatmeal. It speaks to childhood and grandparents and all manner of remembering. I had oatmeal this very morning for breakfast. It's a happy start to my day. This wasn't so much a bowl of oatmeal; the method of cooking differed slightly. Instead of boiling it on the stove, it was baked in the oven in a shape roughly resembling what you might call a cookie.