Library to host new ‘Imaging Club’

Press Release

The Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre will be hosting a new club this coming Monday (April 16) at 6:30 p.m.
The Fort Frances Imaging Club is focused on inspiring the visual arts. Come out and meet like-minded visual artists, hear the club’s agenda, and help determine its direction.
This hands-on, community-led interactive club will get you involved and engaged.
Corey Lablans, a past photojournalist and photography enthusiast, will begin with introducing the art of photography.
What are the settings on my camera? What does it mean to photograph in “manual”?
These are all questions that will be answered as you develop your skills as a photographer.
This will be a club for both beginners and experts. The club’s direction and material are flexible, so come out on this Monday to learn more and provide your input.
A few questions to think of beforehand include do you have an alternative club name?
As well, what visual art are you interested in and are photography challenges of interest to you?