It’s important for students to finish strong

Another school year is almost complete. When the Times is published today (June 7), there will be just five days of classes left at Fort High.
For many students, these can be the most difficult five days of the year. The weather is warming up, summer holidays beckon, and it can be extremely challenging to keep one’s mind focused on school.
For students in their last year of high school, this can be especially difficult. Sadly, many credits are lost and marks lowered because of student truancy or failing to submit assignments in the last days of classes.
Parents can be a big help during this time. Regardless of the age of your child, talk to them about the importance of finishing strong. All
courses end with a culminating activity or exam, or a combination of the two, which is worth 30 percent of a student’s final mark.
The level of achievement on this culminating activity, or the performance on the exam, can go a long way in determining the final mark.
If a student’s credit is in jeopardy, it is much easier for a teacher to use their professional judgment to grant that student the credit if they have been attending every day and trying their best to submit all assignments than it is if the student has taken a lackadaisical attitude.
The Ministry of Education recognizes that when determining a final mark, the teacher should consider both most consistent and most recent levels of achievement.
It is important, therefore, that the student’s most recent results have been good ones.
Just a few quick reminders about exam week. Exams begin on Thursday, June 15 and run through Thursday, June 22. Please encourage your child to make sure they know exactly when and where their exams are taking place.
Every year, one or more students sleep in thinking they have an exam in the afternoon—only to find out it was in the morning. Students also should be starting to prepare for exams now and not leave it to the last minute.
A study schedule that avoids last minute “cramming” is much more likely to lead to successful exam performance.
Many teachers also will be providing exam reviews so, as mentioned earlier, it is extremely important that students attend all of their classes in these last few days as instruction does continue right up to the last day of classes.
This is my final column for 2005-06. I want to close by saying thank you to the entire Fort High community for making my first full year as principal so rewarding.
The year has not been without challenges, but seeing the success and dedication of our students and staff—both inside and outside the classroom—has made me very proud to be the principal of Fort Frances High School.
To those students who are graduating, best of luck in the future. I look forward to shaking your hand at the graduation exercises on Thursday, June 22.

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