Inspiration to live by today

My daily calendar is of great importance to me. Before I go to bed, I take one last look at the saying for the day as I tear off the page and take a peek at my inspiration for tomorrow.
I’ve had the same daily calendar for years. But before I found the perfect calendar for my needs, I sampled many others.
Sometimes I would have two or three on my desk at a time–calendars with a daily puzzle to solve, a joke to laugh at, or an inspirational saying.
And then I found the “I Can Do It” calendar by Louise Hay. And I’ve been hooked ever since!
My daughter also uses the same calendar so every November like clockwork I order two calendars–small Christmas gifts to my daughter and myself.
But this year my clock was off! Because of a family crisis, I didn’t get around to ordering our calendars until the middle of February. And imagine my surprise to find out that the 2012 calendar was sold out!
I checked the publisher (Hay House). “Unavailable,” it said. The same with Barnes & Noble and every other bookstore I checked.
The “I Can Do It 2012 Calendar: 366 Daily Affirmations” simply was not available!
But there was one exception. Some owners of the 2012 calendar were willing to sell their copies through Amazon. For a price!
Since I couldn’t see myself going through a whole year without my motivational calendar, I “bit the bullet” and bought the cheapest one–$49.98.
Unfortunately, the order was cancelled by Amazon because of a mix-up with my credit card.
Later, I tried to order the calendar. But this time the price range was $89.98-$400.*
I decided my daily calendar was easily worth $89.98 for a whole year of inspiration! But just before ordering, I found one for only $18.69.
Is it worth it? How about $89.98? The answer is “Yes.” A thousand times–Yes!
When it comes to living life, we need all the help we can find; and a good affirmation for the day can help immensely.
I missed that inspiration while I waited for my calendar. It finally can just in time for March 16: “Today is great! Tomorrow is even greater!”
How is that for a day starter?
Many of the daily thoughts are so helpful that I can’t let go of them in one day. I often scan them into my computer or keep them in my working notebook.
One empowering saying I have had in my notebook for years has become very important in the last three months, as my husband has been so ill.
“I always choose a health professional who is just right for my current needs?”
And we did just that!
We chose an unbelievable team of health professionals to bring him back to health–emergency room doctor, surgeon, family doctor, nurses, physical therapist, home health nurse, home health aide, sports medicine physician, infectious disease physician, cardiologist, dentist, and nurses who are still administrating the infusion of antibiotics.
So never underestimate the power of a good daily calendar!
Ask yourself the question: What is my best source of inspiration for day-to-day life?
(*In case you are interested, the good news is that the “I Can Do It” 2012 calendar is now available for only $13.95 on

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