How your tax dollars are spent

Our 2009 year-end is nearing completion and it appears the Town of Fort Frances will realize a small operating surplus before all amortization is taken into consideration.
This is a good news story as we are able to start 2010 on a positive financial note.
Still, we are all aware of the economic uncertainty and realize the town budget must be as lean as possible.
Your council has been working on the 2010 budget since October and have completed the user fee schedule, with an average two percent increase.
Sewer and water is a self-funded utility and operates within its own budget.
Government regulations have changed drastically over the past few years, and will continue to do so in the future. This necessitated an increase for 2010 of two percent for residential and 17 perecent for heavy industrial and commercial.
I know the public’s expectation of council continues to be high as I am constantly being asked “What am I getting for my tax dollar?” or “Why are my taxes are so high?”
I’m going to try to explain where your tax dollars are spent.
For every $100 you pay to the town, it is distributed accordingly:
•School Board—$20;
•Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board—$15;
•Community Services division (Memorial Sports Centre, library, museum, day care, etc.)—$12;
•Operations and Facilities division (roads, cemetery, parks, airport, landfill, etc.)—$11;
•Long-term debt—$6;
•Fire department/911—$8;
•Council/Administration and Finance—$5;
•Northwestern Health Unit—$3;
•Planning and Development—$2;
•Economic development—$1;
•Hospital grant/doctor recruitment—$1; and
•Contribution to reserve fund—$1
Your council directly controls $47 of every $100 paid to the municipality.
Council is very aware of the economic hardships facing many of our residents and businesses, and we will do our best to deliver services in the most economic and effective manner.

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