How to apply for a Century Farm Sign

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag rep, Emo

The Ontario Century Farm Sign (CFS) was initiated in 1967 as a Canadian centennial project of the Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario (JFAO).
The project continues today because of the popular demand for these centennial celebrant signs.
The fee supports the cost of the program and leadership development within JFAO.
The regulations governing designation of an Ontario Century Farm are as follows:
•direct descendants of the same family must have owned the farm for 100-, 125-, or 150-consecutive years;
•a family member must still be living on the farm, and it must be in active operation within the family; and
•incorporated farms and farm properties that were divided among several descendents are eligible provided both of the above regulations are met.
Families must submit their application, with a cheque made payable to “JFAO,” to the JFAO office in Guelph.
A copy of all relevant land registry records (available from the local municipal office) must be submitted with the application or the application must be approved by the JFAO provincial director for the area where the farm is located (contact info is available through the office, by calling 1-519-780-5326, or online at
Documentation will not be returned so do not send in original deeds.
If you are requesting a replacement sign, please note JFAO does not have complete records of previous applications (there are no records at all from before 1974).
The final decision regarding the eligibility of applications will be made by JFAO based on information provided in the application. Applications that provide insufficient or inadequate ownership data will be denied.
All personal information provided will be kept confidential and used only by JFAO for the CFS program.
Because of the many requests received for signs to recognize greater milestones, add-on signs marking 125 and 150 years of continuous family operation, which can be hung below your Century Farm Sign, are now available at a cost of $40, including shipping.
The current cost of the Century Farm Sign is $75, including shipping and handling via Canada Post (this price is subject to change without notice).
Allow six-eight weeks for delivery and ensure you have provided all documentation required.
Buyers are welcome to make arrangements to pick up their sign directly from the JFAO office in Guelph, but as this office is not staffed full-time, this may not always be possible.
In such cases verification must be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed before pick-up.
The 16”x19” Century Farm Sign is constructed of aluminum and is identically printed on both sides. The new “add-on” signs are of an equal width and approximately one-third as high.
There are two holes in the top and two along the bottom of each sign for hanging from an appropriate standard (not provided by JFAO).
These signs should maintain their attractive condition for several years.
Experience, however, has shown that signs not adequately secured or over-exposed to road salt may deteriorate more rapidly.

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