Heavyweight hijinks a necessity

There have been several close calls but the freak show known as the heavyweight boxing division hopefully is on its way back to a full recovery.
You see, I’m happy Lennox Lewis knocked out Hasim Rahman to regain the World Boxing Council and International Boxing Federation world titles Saturday.
Now we finally can see the first-ever Lewis vs. Mike Tyson match—a.k.a “What’s left to do after a lot of trash talking.” While the boxing itself has potential to be great, I’m really looking forward to the pre-bout shenanigans.
No one likes to admit it but you can’t turn your eye away from a Mike Tyson interview. Whether he’s dropping four-letter words or talking about—and performing—cannibalism, “Iron” Mike brings flavour to boxing—good or bad.
The heavyweight division always has produced the most electrifying to most laughable moments in sports. From Muhammad Ali’s pre-match tirades in the ’60s to Oliver McCall suffering an emotional breakdown during a match against Riddick Bowe.
I shed no tears for Rahman, either. His story of coming out of the streets of Baltimore into the boxing spotlight is the stuff of corny Sylvester Stallone movies, but I think his describing Lewis’ act of getting a court injunction to land the rematch as “gay” pretty much sealed his coffin as the division’s poster child.
And just because Lewis is seen as a respectable champion and all-around smashing Brit (raised in Kitchener, for the record), he, too, has slipped into the verbal gutter at times.
“I’ve been waiting for Tyson. Where is he?” Lewis said in a recent Canadian Press story.
“The funny thing is, though, after that last fight when he [Tyson] boxed that blimp [Danish fighter Brian Nielson], he said he needs two more fights. I’m saying will this fight ever come out?
“There’s other guys out there that deserve a chance as well so I’m not really pondering on Tyson,” Lewis added. “I don’t care [who I fight next]. I’m the champion and they’ll have to come to me.
“Show me the money.”
Show me the money? Indeed, the cheese has returned. All we need is a 15-minute Don King promo—and Lord knows that’s never too far away.
I hope Lewis doesn’t fight anyone else but Tyson. Sign the match now. Make your money and continue the tradition of shame.
And for you boxing “purists” out there who say this possible match is just another chapter in the sports’ demise, I say relax and enjoy the ride. There’s plenty of great boxing out there and I think it’s only fitting the World Wrestling Federation fans and Jerry Springer viewers of the world get at least one division to call their own.
• • •
The Winnipeg High School Football League held its annual banquet last Friday. While those Muskies nominated for awards came home empty-handed, both Andrew George and Kris Esselink were second in voting for their awards, according to head coach Bob Swing.
(George was nominated for the Bob Whitlaw Memorial Award for best grade nine or 10 player while Esselink was nominated for the Kas Vidruk Trophy as best lineman).
Swing also said Jock Gemmell and Adam McTavish will take part in a football evaluation session Dec. 1 in Skydome.
The session is part of the CIS Vanier Cup weekend, with the players staying on to watch the final between the University of Manitoba Bisons and St. Mary’s Huskies.
• • •
Former Aquanaut and first-year University of Guelph swimmer Jeff Plumridge continues to make waves in university pools.
Plumridge cracked the top 20 in provincial rankings for the 100m and 200m breast stroke, and he also has the 37th best time overall in the 200m IM.

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