Great weekend enjoyed by all at Emo fall fair

Wow—what a great weekend we had!
The weather was perfect for the Emo Fair. I don’t remember ever having such relaxed, content cows.
The breeze was blowing through our barn and it was cool, which eliminated a lot of the flies. The cattle really enjoyed themselves.
I realize the rain postponed the stock car races on Saturday night, but the sun came back out and allowed them and the midway to run Sunday afternoon, so at least they were able to finish their big weekend, as well.
We had a very outstanding 4-H steer auction, with all 28 steers fetching some very nice prices. Thanks to all the buyers who support our 4-H program and our members.
The kids (and their families) work very hard for a very long time to have a finished steer at the fair, and it is nice to see them rewarded with good prices.
Rainy River District is lucky to have such supportive businesses and I hope we all remember to support those who support us!
It was very nice to see Riley Caul take the Grand Champion Showman title this year. Riley is graduating from our 4-H program since he has reached the mandatory age limit.
I am very proud of Riley for continuing to participate in 4-H. It isn’t easy for the older kids to participate when they are in the workforce and attending school (in fact, Rainy River District is one of the few across the province that sports a high number of senior members).
Jessica Haw, meanwhile, proudly won the Grand Champion Steer title. The Haw family—Jessica, Morgan, and Mitchell—all finished in the top six (a great accomplishment for the family!)
Katie Hay had the Grand Champion Heifer (she was showing a heifer from Zimmerman Farms). The heifer gave her quite the workout, but she toughed it out and did a great job.
I am proud of all our 4-H’ers because bringing cattle to the fair is not an easy task. I also really enjoy seeing the kids grow as they continue through our program.
I keep thinking about retiring completely from 4-H but I would really miss the kids.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee showed for me on Friday. Maddie choose to lead “Cale,” who was a favourite of hers, and walked very gently for her at home. She was a bit more excited at the fair but Maddie still did well.
Marlee took “Lane,” who did very well for her.
Maddie thinks she will do this again next year because it’s a lot of fun, though not as fun as the midway (Mar-Mar might be my cowgirl after all!)
Both girls enjoy the rides—something that I never did. They ended up convincing their mom to go on a ride, which ended up giving her an upset stomach, and then again with my boyfriend/partner. He thought the big ship ride looked harmless, but he needed a rest after although neither girl suffered any ill effects.
Mar-Mar said “that made my stomach feel funny, but let’s go again!”
• • •
Sadly, Salt and Pepper’s mom (Maddie’s momma sheep) died Thursday night. I had been nursing her along, but I was starting to think that she had a heart problem and she wasn’t going to get better.
Salt, Pepper, and Pokee went to the fair on Thursday morning and she died that evening. Then again, it isn’t nice to see them suffer, either, so it was somewhat of a relief.
“If you’re gonna have livestock, you’re gonna have deadstock,” as former local vet Chris Cannon always likes to remind me.
• • •
So we will go from one crazy weekend to another—the cattle sale this coming Saturday (Aug. 27) at the Stratton sales barn.
If you have any questions, get in touch with our manager, Clayton Teeple.
I would like to take some cattle to the Dryden Fair this weekend, but I don’t feel like I can miss a cattle sale. Sure hope the Dryden folks enjoy the great weather again this weekend.
• • •
Our fall farm tour with Jack Kyle of OMAFRA next Tuesday (Aug. 30) will start at 9:30 a.m. touring the corn plots at the Kahn Family Farm. We are planning to head from there to Pine River Ranch, and then to Scott McCabe and Elvin Taylor.
The schedule isn’t completely confirmed yet but I will e-mail everyone once it is (also remember to bring along a lunch).
• • •
Thanks to everyone who helped me out over the fair weekend–it is a busy one and I am so happy to have such good family and friends to help me get through it!
And to everyone I might not have been able to have a decent visit with, sorry, there wasn’t a lot of time to chat!

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