Great fall weather sure helps to get farm chores done

I was happy to be out plowing in shorts when I received word that our performance data for barley, wheat, and oats had to be finalized and in by today (Oct. 12).
That ended my time on the tractor.
I was upset to think that it either will be too wet or I’ll have to start layering my clothes in order to stay on the tractor to finish up plowing.
The area where I was plowing last was the canola plot, and it was going very nicely. I still have to harvest our bio-grasses, as well, but they need to be done as late as possible.
I’m still not a 100 percent certain how we will cut/harvest the miscanthus plots, but I’m sure we will come up with something.
• • •
I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a long, dry fall on the farm! It is amazing how much work you can get done and how nice it is to do it!
I’m thankful that my parents have been plugging away at hauling manure for me, and the piles are getting less and less. Meanwhile, my boyfriend/partner spent the weekend helping me fence and we accomplished a lot.
I really need him to install the braces on my new fences since I’m still not allowed to run a power saw. We ended up removing a lot of the old fence and it certainly cleaned up things nicely.
Alas, I still have a long list and I’m hoping the weather co-operates a little longer to cross out a few more things off it.
• • •
On the down side, the dry weather seems to trigger foot-rot in cattle. I haven’t had foot-rot for a number of years but currently I seem to have a cow every couple of days with a sore foot.
I have needled a few of them, but they seem to recover in the same amount of time with or without it.
Of course, the poor things have to walk a fair ways to get home for water on a dry year like this, and it makes it hard for the poor girls with a sore foot.
• • •
Ted Zimmerman, who finished up his career with Abitibi earlier this year, was surprised with a retirement party over the weekend!
He is busy now with the farm and with being a partner in Rainy River Meats, so he hasn’t had much time off!
Ted being a chocolate-lover (like many of the Zimmermans, I understand) always had a dream of having a five-gallon pail of chocolate-covered almonds!
Well, his dream came true for his retirement!
We now have bets on to see how long they will last! Many people think the pail will be empty by Christmas!
• • •
George Rempel and his son, Michael, have been seeking medical treatment in Mexico. There is now a spaghetti benefit dinner being planned for Saturday, Oct. 22 in Stratton.
If you would like a ticket, please give George’s daughter (Rhonda) a call at 483-5803. They also are looking for donations of baking for a bake sale table.
George has been a great supporter of our sales barn and we welcome his good cattle at our sales. Our auctioneer (Mike) always enjoys George in the crowd and brings some humour to our sales.
We certainly wish George and Michael all the best, and I hope to see everyone out at the dinner on Oct. 22.

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