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Group cites 'unconscionable delay' by RCMP in court bid for watchdog report

OTTAWA - A civil liberties group is heading to court to force the release of a long-delayed watchdog report on its complaint about alleged RCMP surveillance of anti-oil protesters.

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association says the Mounties have been sitting on the report for more than three years and the group is now asking the Federal Court to order its disclosure.

Regulatory gaps in Canadian seafood supply chain pose threat: Oceana Canada

HALIFAX - An ocean conservation organization says Canada's “poorly regulated” seafood supply chain has hampered the fisheries sector and put ocean health in jeopardy.

In a report released Thursday, Oceana Canada says the regulatory gaps are unwittingly contributing to illicit seafood fishing and trade.

Online registry to gather condolences for victims of Quebec City sword attack

QUEBEC–The Quebec government has launched an online registry to collect messages of condolence following Saturday night’s sword attack that left two dead in Quebec City.

Premier Francois Legault is inviting Quebecers to express their sympathy to the family and loved ones of Suzanne Clermont and Francois Duchesne, who died after crossing paths with the attacker.

Sister says family in shock after brother killed in Quebec

Just hours after Marie-Jo Duchesne had shared laughs with her older brother, who'd been out hiking on a sunny Saturday in Quebec, the heartbreaking call came informing her of Francois Duchesne's death in Quebec City.

She received the news from a sibling.

“The police came to another one of my sisters' houses,” she told The Canadian Press in an interview from her home in Paris.

Scott Moe and Saskatchewan Party defeat NDP for 4th straight majority

Scott Moe led his Saskatchewan Party into rare territory Monday winning a fourth straight majority for the longest-serving government in the country.

The centre-right party was elected or leading in more than 45 constituencies, comfortably more than the 31 needed to control the 61-seat legislature.