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11-year-old impregnated in rape gives birth in Paraguay, where government denied her abortion

ASUNCION, Paraguay — An 11-year-old girl who was denied an abortion after being raped gave birth Thursday, the culmination of a case that put a spotlight on child rape in this poor South American nation and drew criticism from human rights groups.

Saskatchewan mulls input after consultations on farmland ownership laws end

Saskatchewan won’t impose restrictions on Canadians who want to buy farms in the province, but the provincial government isn’t ruling out anything else as it considers whether to change the laws governing farmland ownership, Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said Wednesday.

Hungry grizzly shot invading home of hunter

KIMBERLEY, B.C.—The first hint that there might be some trouble in the Traverse family home in Kimberley, B.C., early Sunday morning came from the dog’s frantic barking.

When Niki Traverse opened her bedroom door, the pooch raced under the bed.

“Mark, he was like, ‘Don’t let the dog out. There’s coyotes, there’s bears,’” she recalled her husband saying.