‘Flow’ is how life’s meant to be lived

“It was an incredible week,” said my daughter last Sunday. “Everything flowed perfectly.”
And she was right!
For weeks in advance, I had been telling my friends about the impending visit of my husband’s four nieces and their husbands.
Most responded positively. But some said, “A whole week!” Implying that was too long.
In the end, Ruth and John opted out because of their responsibilities. But the other six came–two travelling 1,000 miles and the others 1,500 miles.
Before they arrived, their communications advised us that they wanted to work. And work they did. It was a challenge to keep up with the project list as they rapidly completed tasks.
Murray put his expertise as an electrician and plumber to good use, installing a motion light, a yard lamp, and a thermostat on the furnace.
Fortunately, Bryan and Larry are both comfortable with heights. So one afternoon as I relaxed in my La-Z-Boy, I noticed Larry sawing a high branch right outside our picture window.
Bryan was on the roof, waiting for the branch to fall so he could guide it to the ground.
In the meantime, Edith and Janet, who are accomplished gardeners, beautified our yard for winter. They cut dried perennials and created splashes of colour with pansies.
Those Weber girls do work fast! At meal times they all dove in to cook and wash dishes.
But we didn’t make them work all the time! Larry is an avid golfer and had researched golf courses in our area. He and Bryan golfed at each of our three local courses, culminating at Sand Creek Station—one of the best golf courses in the country.
For me, a special time was talking to Dorothy, whom I hadn’t seen for years, and finding we are “on the same page.”
Dorothy is a nurse and has a very holistic view of health. And more important, she is into meditation and journaling.
We have Janet and Bryan to thank for this visit. They have been frequent visitors, sometimes coming on motorcycle and sometimes by car.
For years they have reported on their trips to Kansas and encouraged others to join them. This time their encouragement bore fruit!
Yes, it was an incredible week. A week that flowed easily as we reconnected with relatives we hardly knew.
In their book, “The Power of Flow,” Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom define flow this way: “Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that leads toward wholeness and harmony.”
From the second we woke up in the morning until we said our goodnights, life flowed seamlessly.
“Flow is an unfolding because it furthers our potentiality–it brings us into life as it is meant to be lived. We often have an ‘aha’ feeling of familiarity, of rightness, when we’re ‘in the flow.’”
Flow, like water, is dynamic and still, strong and receptive, the authors say.
From the intimate conversations to the last meal (Sunday brunch), there was a rightness to the whole week that made all of us long for another time together.
How about you? What experiences of flow have you had recently? And what can you do to let go and allow flow into your life?
Marie Snider is an award-winning health care writer and syndicated columnist. Write her at thisside60@aol.com or visit www.visit-snider.com

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