FIREFLY venturing back into face-to-face delivery


FIREFLY is proceeding back cautiously into in-person services where required, but the online platform remains its preference, due to the COVID-19 second wave.
FIREFLY offers a range of child and youth services, including occupational therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech-language services. It also offers youth mental health services. They have maintained services throughout COVID-19, through virtual platforms.
“Virtual service remains FIREFLY’s first service delivery option for all clinical services at this time. This is our best defence in terms of safety for the children, youth and families we serve as well as our staff,” said Karen Ingebrigtson, CEO. “For situations where virtual services are not possible, we are delivering those services in-person, both in our offices and in community settings such as the client’s home or schools.”
Some of the situations where FIREFLY is providing in-person service are for services that are not possible on a virtual platform, such as infant physiotherapy services where the Physiotherapist needs to provide hands-on treatment and in situations where clients do not have access to technology such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. Although in the second example, FIREFLY is often able to accommodate families with a loaner iPad, complete with 3G capability.
“FIREFLY is thrilled to be able to provide an additional option to those families who are facing barriers to virtual service because they don’t have their own internet or device. We have 20 loaner iPads that we can provide to families so they can receive clinical services from the comfort of their home.”
Families who do not have their own technology to receive virtual services should notify their clinician or the Intake Worker they speak to when they are requesting services from FIREFLY.
For clients who require in-person appointments, FIREFLY has a number of safety precautions in place. These include pre-screening of clients in advance of their appointment, screening for COVID symptoms upon arrival at the appointment, mandatory masks for clients, personal protective equipment for staff, and increased cleaning and sanitization for appointment and high-touch areas. FIREFLY also has a maximum capacity for each office in order to limit potential interactions with other staff and clients with in-person appointments.
“Our goal is to ensure that children, youth and families can receive the services they need in the safest way possible in these unprecedented times,” said Ms. Ingebrigtson.
FIREFLY encourages families and youth to reach out if they are in need of FIREFLY services by calling their Centralized Intake number at 1-833-696-5437 or emailing If you are not sure about all the different services FIREFLY offers, please visit and follow their Facebook (@fireflynw), Instagram (FIREFLY_NW) or Twitter (@firefly_nw) accounts to stay up-to-date on the latest FIREFLY news.