Fire brigade has crucial function

As a citizen, do you recognize the members of your local fire department as a partner in community services? Your fire department, whether full-time or volunteer, has an important function within your community.
When the Fort Frances Fire Department was established many years ago, the Fort Frances Volunteer Fire Brigade soon followed. Today, the volunteer fire brigade consists of 30 individuals who are a combination of full-time and part-time firefighters.
The brigade is a non-profit organization which volunteers their time as a community service and to raise money for local community projects. Some of the projects it has supported–and will continue to support–are:
•The Risk Watch program–an injury prevention curriculum for schools in Fort Frances. To date, the brigade has donated $6,000 to this project, and the program co-ordinator is a member of the brigade.
•Fort Frances annual Christmas tree pickup–a volunteer service to the community to assist residents in disposing of real trees (any funds donated to the brigade are used towards local community projects).
•S.A.F.E. Baby (Smoke Alarm For Every Baby) program–the brigade donated a portion of smoke alarms towards the program in Fort Frances, which is dear to everyone’s heart. The S.A.F.E. Baby co-ordinator also is a member of the brigade.
•Rainy River District Mutual Aid Fire Association cash calendars–the brigade receives a percentage of money collected by selling calendars, with funds raised going to local community projects.
•“Learn Not to Burn” campaign–promotes fire safety education in local schools.
•Fire Prevention Week–a fire safety campaign in which a Fire Safety Banner was displayed at the Memorial Sports Centre.
•The Older and Wiser Program–a new fire safety program to Fort Frances for older adults.
•Put a Lid On It–a new kitchen fire safety campaign to Fort Frances.
•Don’t Be an April Fool–a spring fire and life safety campaign in Fort Frances.
Other organizations the brigade has supported include Muscular Dystrophy, the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, Fort Frances High School, minor hockey, and other fundraising events.
Fire and life safety education (injury prevention) plays an important part in people’s lives, and the brigade will focus its future efforts in those areas.
All injuries are preventable, and people themselves are the most critical element to the overall safety effort.
The brigade’s projects and campaigns will benefit all in making our community a safer place to live.

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