Fall definitely is my favourite season

Even though I’m not ready to let summer go, fall is my favourite season—especially when the sun shines!
Who could complain? It’s dry, the trees are beautiful, the lawn begins to slow down, and the bugs are mostly gone.
There are plenty of houseflies around, but I eliminate that problem by giving Nancy Miller a call and having my house sprayed. What a huge difference that makes.
No matter where you live, this is the time of year you have to battle with flies trying to find there way in.
• • •
I was able to make my way up to the cabin for a night and help with the roofing project there.
My carpenter skills are not so great but with not a lot of help, I wasn’t turned rejected, either. My mom and dad came up for the day and we ended up having a successful day completing one side of the cabin roof.
Alas, I had to return home and get back to farming. I planned to work on my fencing project but with the weather being so great, I decided to cut hay.
I shouldn’t be admitting to this since my recommendation is to not cut hay during the critical cutting date (Aug. 10-15 until Sept. 10-15) but when I checked the weather, I couldn’t resist.
So as my hay dries I will work on my fence.
• • •
I know there continues to be questions on how quickly the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association can pay the consignors for their cattle sales.
When we leave the building the night of the sale, the cheques are all printed and ready to be dropped in the mail.
The thing that holds us up is payment to us. We cannot pay anyone until we have received payment for all cattle.
The Ontario Financial Protection Programs gives licensed dealers nine business days to pay (for $15,000 in sales or less) and six business days to pay for $15,001 in sales or more.
Local farmers are not required to have a licence and have to pay on sale day. As well, Feeder and Breeder Finance Transactions require a bit of time.
Then when we receive some of these larger cheques, the bank often is required to put a hold on them.
Once the money is in, and the bank has released all funds, your cheques are dropped in the mail.
We have a small line of credit but by no means would it ever match our cattle sales.
I hope this answers some of your questions. But if not, feel free to get in touch with anyone from the RRCA.
• • •
Since we are talking about the sales barn, if you plan to sell cattle at our next sale (Oct. 1) under the “Rainy River Raised” protocol, they must have their last vaccine by this weekend (Sept. 10).
• • •
Maddie and Mar Mar both have enrolled in hockey for the upcoming season, so this is an exciting time for the Bliss family!
Grandma and Grandpa certainly will be busy on the roads for hockey again.
The girls were able to spend a few days with us in the country last week before school started for Maddie this week. We had lots of fun riding horses and doing country stuff.
The funniest thing was when they asked me, “Who is Clayton’s girlfriend?” I said, “Well, me, Auntie Kimmie!”
And the response was, “You’re not fancy enough for Clayton!”

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