Every age has its infinite possibilities

Every morning when I come to my desk, I’m greeted with an inspirational quote. Last Thursday’s calendar quote was “Every age has its infinite possibilities.” Possibilities needs no explanation. But what about “infinite” possibilities? Infinite comes from the Latin infinitus, meaning “not bounded.” Some synonyms for infinite are endless, countless, unlimited, vast, boundless, limitless, tremendous, never-ending, immense, and stupendous! On the other hand, some antonyms are limited and slight! That’s the choice we have to make. We can see the possibilities of every age as either “limitless” or “limited,” as “stupendous” or “slight.” “Every age has its infinite possibilities.” That statement made me think about my life and what “stupendous” possibilities I’ve had at every age. At age 21, the world was my oyster! When I graduated from college, I didn’t have to interview for a teaching job. All I had to do was decide which job was the best fit. Earlier, there were other possibilities. At age 14, I had the opportunity to enter an inter-school typing contest and still treasure the award for typing 90 words a minute. And as a three-year-old, I lived close enough to the country school to be able to play with my friends during recess. After college, I had the opportunity to work with migrant children in New York State and Indian children in Minnesota during summer service. As a young writer, I had the opportunity to write a correspondence course for a religious radio program and later was fortunate to find a life-long position that involved writing, which I loved. And at my age now, I have my dream job—writing a syndicated column. What about your life? What “stupendous” opportunities did you have before you went to school or during high school, or as a young working person? Did you have an opportunity to farm or garden? Did you have an opportunity to serve abroad or teach in the inner city? Did you have an opportunity to go to graduate school or work on a computer? Did you have an opportunity to restore old cars or sew your daughter’s prom dress? Think about your decades of life and what tremendous possibilities you have had. And then think about the future. Whatever your age is now, remember “Every age has its infinite possibilities.” Sure, the opportunities of age 20 are quite different than those of age 60 or 80, but still there are endless possibilities if you look for them. After retirement, you have the opportunity to volunteer in your local historical museum, at your local economy shop, or at the meaningful job of your choice. You could take college classes toward a degree or take a pottery class just for fun. Or you could serve in some needy place through your church. You now have the freedom to travel—taking bus trips with other people your age, travelling across the country in the dome car of a train, or even taking a cruise. Or you could take up a new skill, like knitting, Tai Chi, painting, quilting, or square dancing. “Every age has its infinite possibilities” is especially applicable during the last third of life. The world still can be your oyster. Just choose to see “stupendous” possibilities instead of limitations. It’s up to you! Marie Snider is an award-winning health care writer and syndicated columnist. Write her at thisside60@aol.com or visit www.visit-snider.com

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