Don’t be an April Fool

With April just around the corner, safety educators believe anyone can be an April Fool at any giving time.
You are an April Fool if:
•You don’t install and maintain working smoke alarms on every level of your home and cottage, outside sleeping areas, and inside the bedrooms.
•You don’t test your smoke alarms weekly.
•You don’t have a family home fire escape plan with two ways out of each room, and a meeting place outside.
•You smoke in bed.
•You store gasoline in the home or even an attached garage.
•You don’t store matches and lighters out of sight and reach of children.
•You leave burning candles unattended.
•You don’t unplug appliances after using them, especially the coffee maker.
•You pour flammable liquids, such as gasoline, on wood to start or rekindle a fire.
•You don’t test food that has been heated in the microwave before feeding small children.
•You let children under the age of 18 ride a bike without an approved bicycle helmet.
•You store firearms and bullets unlocked and together.
•You do not leave valuable information for the babysitter, such as emergency phone numbers, where to reach you, and address, etc. (note: there has been a case where the babysitter needed emergency personnel but had no idea what address they were at!)
•You use a ladder by yourself without tying it off and without someone holding it near the base.
•You don’t wear your seat belt when driving in a motor vehicle.
Motor vehicle accidents are still the number-one cause of accidental deaths in Canada. But many people still do not heed the wise advice police officers preach.
In all my years of responding to vehicle accidents, I have never unbuckled a dead person!
Remember, if you never need what you learn about personal safety, you have lost nothing. But if you never learn what you need, you may lose everything . . . your family and your life!

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