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Prices soft at final cattle sale


The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association held its final sale of the season on Saturday (Oct. 24).

Just over 680 head went through the ring, made up of 83 cull cows, 30-40 bred cows, nine bulls, and 334 calves, with the balance being yearling feeders.

“The market particularly for cull cows is soft,” said auctioneer Michael Nernberg of McSherry Auction Services, commenting of the seasonal glut of cull cows on the market and the strong Canadian dollar depressing the export market.

He noted, however, that the cull cow market had recovered a bit from a week earlier.

Light weight fancy calves were bringing the best price, with some going to local buyers looking to fill their feedlots for this winter.

One lot of 485-pound steer calves brought $115 per cwt while another lot of 430-pounders topped out at $117.25.

Heavier calves were discounted 10-15 cents below that, with heifers discounted a further five-10 cents.

Cull cows were going from $20-$30 per cwt.

Bred cows and bulls also were soft, but comparable to prices in Manitoba and further west.

Sales barn manager Clayton Teeple entertained the crowd by demonstrating his considerable skill at dodging a few angry cull cows that rebelled at the indignity of being paraded through the ring.

Saturday’s sale concluded the 50th season of the Stratton sales barn, which has served the Rainy River cattle industry.

The next sale will be held in the spring, usually in April.

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