Work underway on new grocery store

Harold McQuaker Construction has started work on Emo’s new grocery store on the site currently occupied by the Fairway Store on Highway 11/71.
Speaking to co-owner and operator Dan Loney, he said the store probably will be about 17,000 square feet in size and located directly behind the present Fairway Store.
McQuaker already has excavated the site for part of the parking area, which will include the area where the present Fairway Store sits.
It is quite obvious the two present stores—Cloverleaf on Front Street and Fairway on Highway 11/71—have had their longevity stretched to the limits. A new store would be welcomed in the community.
Going back into history, the Fairway Store at one time was operated by Mrs. Ramsdale. When you paid your bill, depending on the number of children you had, there was a complimentary small package of candy in appreciation for each kid.
Meanwhile, Lawrence and Grace Loney over at Cloverleaf were always excellent hosts, welcoming their customers with cheery smiles.
The new facility will sport two entrances, one opening into an area that will include an 18-seat deli cafe, an outlet to purchase fishing/hunting licences, a lottery centre, and much more.
The second entrance will lead you to the grocery store. The upper level will consist of offices and a staff room.
“Cloverleaf on Front Street will be used as a processing plant or sold,” said David Loney.
“With a larger facility, [we] will be able to offer greater selection of produce and varieties,” noted co-owner Mark Loney.
Tentatively, the Loneys are expecting a spring opening—perhaps to coincide with Spring Fever Days. In the meantime, they ask customers to be patient during the construction.