What’s HOT to watch: A weekly look at the best of TV

By Hayley Michaud
Special to the Times

Amazon Prime Video

Flack: Season 2 – TV-14 – Comedy, Drama – June 11

The second season of this dramedy starring Canadian Anna Paquin as an American publicist at a cutthroat British PR firm hits Amazon Prime, if season one was any indication season 2 looks to be filled with just as much drama and debauchery.

Apple TV+

Home Before Dark: Season 2 –TV-14 – Crime, Drama, Mystery – June 11

Season two stars airing on Apple TV+ and follows a young girl who uncovers clues to an unsolved cold case while she’s visiting her father in his small lakeside town.


Gossip Girl – TV-14 – Teen, Drama, Romance – June 11

All six season of the original Gossip Girl hits Crave this week a head of it’s HBOMax reboot (with all new characters) that starts airing July 8. There’s no official word that the reboot will hit Crave’s HBO+ Movies content the same day. Until then head back to the Upper East Side from 2007 and relive Serena, Blair and the gang’s scandalous adventures.


Loki – NR – Action, Adventure, Fantasy – June 9

The premiere of Loki hit Disney+ on Wednesday, with new episodes going up every Friday after the premiere. This series follows the God of Mischief as he deals with the consequences of playing with time.


Awake – NR – Action, Adventure, Drama – June 9

After a devastating global event wipes out all electronics and eliminates people’s ability to sleep a former solider and her daughter may have found a solution.