We are opening up… safely

By Jack Elliott
Rainy River correspondent

With current levels of COVID 19 Vaccinations increasing and community infection rates declining perhaps we can see the end of this pandemic. Ontario and NWO is entering Phase 1 or its reopening plan and if things go as planned hopefully Phase 2 and 3 are in sight… if we are all careful.

Our suffering through the use of masking, hand sanitizing and social isolation has not all been negative. We have learned that colds and flu bugs can be greatly reduced by these measures. Yes we had a pandemic of Covid 19 but missed the annual flu season. Common sense precautions do work.

That means getting the jab. That includes everyone. To travel safely and freely in our own community, province, country, and internationally without the need to quarantine you will probably eventually need some form of proof of vaccination. Manitoba is already issuing proof of vaccination cards. So be prepared, GET THE JAB!

Riverside Healthcare Facilities is cautiously opening some access to the residents of its Seniors Residences. This will allow organizations like the West Rainy River Lions Club to begin offering access to residents to the Club’s Cycling Without Age program. This offers residents opportunities to get outdoors and be toured around the Town of Rainy River in the Club’s Trishaw, a three wheeled e-assist cycle carrying two passengers plus a pilot. It offers the “right to wind in your hair” The project was brought to completion late in 2019 but had to be mothballed when the pandemic hit.

Now with pilots and riders fully vaccinated we expect residents to be able to get out of doors and reengage with their community. We all look forward to seeing everyone out and about.