Warmer tomorrow

Tonight will be mostly cloudy with a shower and a low of 10 C (50 F).
Tomorrow will be partly sunny and warmer. Expect a high of 21 (70) and a low of 10 (50).
Wednesday will be partly sunny with a high of 23 (73) and a low of 11 (52).
In the extended forecast, Thursday will be cloudy with a bit of rain, a high of 22 (72) and a low of nine (48), while Friday will see a morning shower followed by cloudy skies all day, a high of 22 (72) and a low of 12 (54).
The record high for today is 37 (99) set in 1995 while the record low is one (34) set in 1969.
Normals are 23 (73) and 10 (50).
Sunset today is at 9:18 p.m. with sunrise tomorrow at 5:10 a.m.