Township set to host third ‘150’ celebration

Press Release

The Lake of the Woods Township’s Canada 150th committee once again will host a celebration event for Canada’s 150th anniversary.
Two very successful and fun-filled celebrations already have taken place this year.
Back in February, more than 150 people gathered at the Bergland Community Hall to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.
Reeve Valerie Pizey warmly welcomed everyone with informative and inspirational words.
After singing “O Canada,” everyone enjoyed an abundant potluck supper, with birthday cake for dessert.
The evening continued with a variety of entertaining and delightful music.
Then in July, a very successful and enjoyable barbecue was held at Oscar Bay beach.
Those who attended were treated to delicious food and spent an enjoyable day at the beach.
The third event planned by the committee will be held Saturday, Sept. 9 at the Bergland Community Hall.
It will begin with a potluck supper from 5-7 p.m., followed by musical entertainment and a one-hour Canadian trivia contest, with prize money for the winning table.
The evening will conclude with more music for dancing and listening enjoyment.
Whether or not you have attended a Canada 150 celebration this year, consider yourself invited.
The last two events were great fun. You won’t want to miss this one.
Canada is our country. It is our home of peace, opportunity, and profound beauty.
Let’s join together and celebrate!