Tips sought on break-ins

Crime Stoppers wants information to help our police partners to solve any break-and-enter theft, or any other unsolved crime, that has been committed on any cottage, vacation, residential, business, or other property within Northwestern Ontario and northern Minnesota.
First of all, these types of crimes are a severe invasion of privacy. Secondly, the financial cost is enormous.
Crime Stoppers and law enforcement know how serious a problem these types of crimes are–and we want to do something about it.
So, from now until June 1, Crime Stoppers will pay “double the cash reward”, to a maximum of $2000 for any information received within this time frame that leads to the charging of anyone for committing property crimes within our region.
Now, as always, is a great time to call Crime Stoppers. You have nothing to lose.
Call 1-800-222-TIPS or go online at TIPSHELP.COM