Three new fires in region


Three new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by the end of the day yesterday.
Dryden Fire #21 is a 0.3-hectare blaze listed as “not under control” as of press time today.
Sioux Lookout Fire #68 is a .04-ha fire while Sioux Lookout Fire #69 is a three-ha blaze classed as “not under control.”
The number of active fires in the region now sits at 25, including 10 in Red Lake District, eight in Sioux Lookout District, six in Nipigon District, and one in Dryden District.
Heat and humidity is making firefighting a challenge, and crews are ensuring they stay hydrated and work safely in these conditions, noted the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services program.
The forest hazard is “low-moderate” in the southwest sector of the region.
But it is “extreme” in the far north of Sioux Lookout District and the far northwest sector of Nipigon District.
The rest of the region is in a “high” forest fire hazard.
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