The Heat is on! Sales barn work continues as sale weekend approaches

It was all hands on board at the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Stratton Sales Yard this past week as volunteers rushed to complete the penning in the new sales yard. Concrete had been poured in the past weeks and hammer drills were busy pounding out the holes for the penning anchor bolts.

“We are rushing to have things in operation for our first sale scheduled for Saturday August 28 and by next weekend we should know where we stand on pending completion,” explained foreman Louis Bujold as crews measured and adjusted fencing to ensure posts would match up with prefabricated gates. Covid -19 caused delays in fabrication and delivery of the penning, If not completed some temporary penning gates will have to be set up for the scheduled sale.

“The new scale is operational and electrical, pumps, plumbing, and waterers are on hand, so we should be good to go,” stated Bujold as crews with tapes out and levers at the ready adjusted anchor post placement.

This massive project is a complete rebuild of the Stratton Sales barn that was heavily damaged in last year’s fire that destroyed much of the penning. The old covered part of the facility will be used for sorting, says Bujold.

The new facility with its complete concrete deck will handle and increased capacity of another 150 head with 1400 -1500 head expected for the Aug 28 Sale.

In its 60 plus year history the Stratton Sales yard has contributed much to the beef industry here generating sales of many millions of dollars. And while not all cattle producers market their cattle through the RRCA Stratton Yard, all producers do benefit from the increased market access and competition and the positive visibility the operation has given the beef industry in the Rainy River District