Tbaytel back on the hunt for ‘good’ ideas

Press Release

The Tbaytel for Good Community Fund is back for another season.
The social-giving program for Northern Ontario is looking for your good ideas to continue building healthy and strong communities.
Tbaytel recently opened the application process for the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund’s Good Schools and Good Community programs, with a goal to support inspiring projects in the region while providing solutions to meet community needs.
Fourteen community-based projects were supported in 2016 while funding was provided to seven successful projects this past spring, bringing Tbaytel’s total contribution through the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund to $22,500.
With such success, this is the second time applications are being accepted for the two programs–and Tbaytel is looking to cultivate innovation.
“We’re really hoping the community will embrace innovation by finding opportunities to help meet existing needs in our communities and schools,” said Tbaytel president and CEO Dan Topatigh.
“From mobile health to educational apps, or even giving your organization a technology overhaul to have a greater reach, it’s really about community-powered problem-solving,” he noted.
“The goal is to consider how you can have a positive impact by thinking outside the box,” Topatigh added.
“Tbaytel is encouraging submissions that apply imagination to address a challenge and generate a unique solution.”
The Good Schools program supports school-based projects that encourage discovery, readiness to learn, and improve learning potential.
The Good Community program, meanwhile, offers eligible organizations the opportunity to submit project ideas in five different categories: Animal Welfare, Community & Wellness, Recreation & Culture, Environment, and Innovation & Technology.
Successful projects last year included a school garden, a safe drinking water project, an after-school art collaborative, a food box program, and a healthy food options project.
The Tbaytel for Good Community Fund will provide funding to five school projects and two community projects this fall.
For details and to share your good ideas, visit tbaytelforgood.net
The deadline for applications is noon on Oct. 10.
Winners will be decided by a selection committee of Tbaytel and community reps, as well as through online voting.