Supporting 4-H in the Rainy River District

By Jack Elliott
Rainy River Correspondent

4-H is one of the most positive programs for training and inspiring youth – not only as it relates to agricultural technology but also in positive LIFE LESSONS. Many of our District farmers are not only 4-H Alumni, but so are scores of youth that have gone onto other professions in and out of Agriculture across the country and in fact across the world.

Everyone who has been to the Emo Fair has seen the fantastic jobs our youth have done on projects with garden, photo, and livestock clubs. Be it a rabbit, a potato patch, or a champion steer, the process is much the same.

Give a youth a challenge and mentor them to engage with others, take responsibility, think out the process and demonstrate their success at the conclusion of the project. It is a process with a demonstrated positive impact in the lives of youth and hence our community.

The 4H Building at Emo fairgrounds is showing its age and is in need of upgraded equipment for the Food Booth and eventual replacement of the building. The WRRD Lions is pledging 100% of the proceeds of this year’s ticket sales at the Emo Fair on Friday and Saturday on the Princecraft Pontoon Boat Raffle to the RR District 4H Building Project.

On the Emo fairgrounds I am sure everyone has visited the 4-H Food Booth. Hot dogs, burgers and fries prepared by a rotating army of 4-Hers are perennial favourites as the line at the counter each year will attest. Well that old 4-H building is showing its age and is in need of some upgrading of equipment and replacement of the building itself. It may not be something we can accomplish in a year but if we start now, by next year we will certainly have some upgraded equipment and very quickly a whole new 4H building.

The good news is we have the money to do it. However, that money is still in your pockets.

To kick start the process, the West Rainy River District Lions Club has offered to pledge 100% of all ticket sales sold on the grounds at the Emo Fair on Friday and Saturday on this year’s 2021 Pontoon Boat Raffle to the 4-H Building Fund. That is 100%

So here is your chance to not only give our local 4-H a boost, but also a chance to win yourself a beautiful Princecraft Pontoon Boat, plus a chance at a 2nd prize of $1500 and a consolation prize 0f $500. Winners will be drawn at the RRWT Walleye Tournament on Saturday, September 18 , 2021 in Rainy River at 6:00 pm. Tickets are only $20. Don’t be disappointed. Make sure you get your ticket before they are all sold out like they were last year.