Steer auction deemed success

Heather Latter

Despite a slight drop from last year’s prices, the annual 4-H Market Steer Auction held Saturday in conjunction with the Emo Fair was hailed as a success.
“I think it was a really good weekend,” said Kim Jo Bliss, who emceed the event before turning the microphone over to the auctioneer.
“The weather co-operated, and I think our 4-H kids and the animals behaved really well,” she noted. “And we had a good sale.
“I think everyone was pretty pleased.”
Bliss said the prices were good, averaging at about $3.01/lb for the 26 steers.
“I think the kids were quite happy with everything,” she added.
Although the prices were down from last year, when an average of $3.28/lb was garnered, they remain higher than any other recent year.
In 2011, for instance, the average bid was $2.76/lb. In 2010, prices averaged just $2.21/lb.
Back in 2008, it was reported that all steers in the auction went for above $2/lb, with the “Grand Champion” market steer fetching one of the highest bids at $2.41/lb.
This year, the lowest bid came in at $2.40/lb. And more than half of the steers went for at least $3/lb.
This year’s “Grand Champion” market steer title went to Leroy Remple while the “Reserve Champion” belonged to Jessica Haw.
Fetching a bid of $3.55/lb, Remple earned nearly $4,500 for his steer. Haw, meanwhile, raked in close to $4,600 after receiving a price of $3.80/lb—the top bid in the auction.
“What I really like to see when I came down here was the support that this fair gets from everyone in the district,” said Andrew Kopechuk of Brandon, Man., who was the judge for this year’s 4-H show.
“I know back in Manitoba, some of our summer fairs are getting a little low in attendance and getting smaller and smaller every year,” he noted.
“So it’s really nice to see the support you guys give to the fair and especially to the 4-H club.
“You should be thanked, too,” Kopechuk continued.
“Without having you to support these kids and all the producers, it’s going to fall the same way that a lot of the other smaller shows go, so you deserve a round of applause.”
Kopechuk added he saw some “amazing animals” and some “really, really nice steers” throughout the weekend, where 29 steers were shown (three were not ready to sell) and five heifers in the 4-H show.
Local MPP John Rafferty offered up some cash to the winners, which also was split with the winning heifers owned by Katie Hay and Ben Miller.
Madison Williams won the Gary Teeple Memorial Award while Andrea Schram earned $50 for being the top first-year steer participant (in memory of Rod Salchert).