Spirit of Christmas a lovely event

By Robin McCormick
West end correspondent

This years Spirit Of Christmas, held November 27th was a lovely event. Co- chairs Diane Glowasky and Linda Booth worked long and hard to make this event happen. Along with other members from the LaVerendrye General Hospital Auxiliary.

The La Place Rendez-Vous graciously donated the room for half price with Kaleb Firth from North Sky Solutions picking up the cost of the Venue.

The Rendez-Vous gave the coffee and tea at half price. Diane Gibson graciously donated all fixings for the hot chocolate bar and the pretty centrepieces that adorned every table. Dale Booth ( from Ottawa) paid for the yummy special dessert, Dale is with Innovation 7, and Linda’s son.

There were 122 silent items donated and a large group of penny table items. The draw items and penny table items were amazing. Pull tab tickets were sold by George Glowasky and he made the afternoon more festive in his dashing Christmas hat. I was told along with George’s many hours of help his son also assisted with much printing and designing talents. I’m guessing they were voluntold by Diane ( the wife and Mom )

This event hadn’t been held since 2018, due to Covid. The LGVHA is planning to hold this event every two year. This years amount earned will help pay for six infusion pumps needed at our local hospital. The amount needed for these pumps is approximately $30,000.00, it is guessed enough money was earned to pay for two infusion pumps. Marnie Cumming ( the president ) of the Auxiliary shared a few words words of her overflowing great fullness of the donations made by so many.

This project helps the entire community.

Over 120 people attended the event and one could tell by the buzz of laughter and perhaps some friendly bidding that is was fun for all.

Sending all volunteers, guests and anyone else making this event happen with such style a big thank you. Just what our district needs on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!