Seatbelt campaign sees many charges

Press release

(ORILLIA, ON) – Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers faced a busy Easter long weekend as they conducted their province-wide seatbelt campaign and worked around the clock to keep the motoring public safe.

Sadly, three people lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions over the weekend and one person was killed in a snowmobile incident.

Over the four-day campaign, officers laid 1,507 seatbelt charges against drivers and passengers who placed themselves and all other occupants in their vehicle at risk.

Aggressive drivers posed a significant threat on roads, with 5,186 speeding charges and 129 stunt/racing charges laid. One hundred and forty-one (141) impaired driving and 137 distracted driving charges were among the 10,323 offences officers held motorists accountable for over the weekend.

The OPP thanks all drivers and other road users who contributed to safe highways and roads over the busy long weekend.

The OPP conducts traffic enforcement every day of the year and remains committed to saving lives on Ontario roads, waterways and trails.

The OPP Easter Long Weekend Seatbelt Campaign ran April 7-10, 2023.