RRDSSAB recognizes Paramedic Services Week from May 21–27, 2023

Press release

This year’s theme of “Diversity in Paramedicine- The Patient. The Provider. The Profession.” is not intended to be reflected on only 2023. Its longer-term purpose is to start conversation that matters and awareness moving forward about diversity indefinitely; more specifically in the health system and paramedicine environment.

The topic of diversity is complicated and cannot simply defined by what scholars might believe it to be or what Google may suggest (>7 million results). It is dynamic, subjective, evolving and to define it may be further exacerbating the problem instead of meaningful working towards understanding the complexities and opportunities towards changing.

The Paramedic Chief of Canada (PCC) is offering this year’s theme to bring awareness, provoke questions and seek out opportunities to learn more and continue to share information. The PCC is offering the membership only a spark to ignite the opportunity to learn more and hope the literature does just that. With some guided focus throughout the week on the patients we encounter, the providers who deliver that care and more broadly the paramedic Profession as a whole, there is so much more to talk about! 

Be inclusive. Be patient. Be kind.