RRCA elects new slate of officers

A new slate of officers was elected at the annual meeting of the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association in Stratton last Wednesday night.
A president will be elected by the board at the RRCA’s next meeting.
In Zone A, Peter Spuzak was acclaimed to a two-year term. He joins Steve Loshaw and Aarne Hahkala, who each have one year left in their terms.
Due to a resignation, an election for a one-year and a two-year term had to be held in Zone B. Stefan Szeder was acclaimed to the one-year term and Tony Flatt to the two-year one.
In Zone C, Len Kuorikoski and Murray Gemmell were acclaimed to two-year terms. They join Rick Boersema, who has one year left on his term.
And in Zone D, Jim McDermid and Doug Hartnell both were acclaimed to two-year terms. They join Archie Wiersema, who has one year left in his term.
McDermid is serving as a member at large.
Tom Morrish will be the provincial director to the Ontario Cattlemen’s Advisory Council, with Archie Wiersema serving as alternate.
OCA annual meeting delegates are Clayton Teeple and Shirley Morrish.