Re-enactment of first council meeting a delight

The 50 or so people who attended a re-enactment Sunday of the first council meeting of La Vallee Township on Jan. 25, 1904 were entertained and delighted.
The program was written by Sheri Stamarski, who also narrated.
Ken McKinnon acted as Reeve James McKay, Delbert Barker as George Strachan Sr., Ross Donaldson filling in as Robert Wilson, Jim Belluz as Arthur Cooke, Norbert Bragg as Robert Pyne, and Kim Cornell playing Henry Coulson.
Freeda Carmody played a woman sure to keep the men on their toes while Liz Donaldson was Kate Ruttan.
The folks I spoke to who had attended surely enjoyed the afternoon—right down to the cutting of the centennial cake.
• • •
My “Aussie” exchange student, Sarah Dhillion, returns to her hometown of Adelaide today (Jan. 28).
For the many of you who have met Sarah or spent any amount of time with her, you can well imagine I, along with my kids, will be misty-eyed when we see her off at the Fort Frances Airport.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have given time, gifts, new experiences, and just genuine love and nurturing to Sarah during her six months here.
She came with one suitcase and is going home with three—filled with cookies, a sweatshirt, videotapes, and maple syrup. Sarah even has a hockey stick, but most importantly, she has memories she’ll enjoy for the rest of her life.
Thanks again for your kindness!
• • •
The Emo Legion held a 50/50 draw Friday evening (Jan. 23) and the lucky winner was Tony and Brenda Elias, who pocketed $795.
Visser’s Auto sold the lucky ticket.
• • •
A women’s volleyball tournament will be held Feb. 14-15 at Fort Frances High School. The entry fee is $200 (Cdn.) per team.
Call Candy Greengrass at 483-1252 or reach her via e-mail at, or contact Karen at 274-7926.
• • •
A reminder that Crossroads is hosting a volleyball tournament this Saturday (Jan. 31) beginning at 9 a.m.
Also remember that this Friday (Jan. 30) is a P.D. Day, which means no school for students.
• • •
Another reminder the 4-H awards night is slated this Friday (Jan. 30) at 7 p.m.
Meanwhile, the annual 4-H Leaders’ Association meeting is set for Friday, Feb. 6, beginning at 7 p.m. This is a potluck held at the seniors’ centre.
• • •
The Rainy River District Safety Association’s annual meeting is set to go next Wednesday (Feb. 4) at 7:30 p.m. at the Emo Inn.
• • •
Robin’s 2¢:
Walking down the street, a woman hears a voice call out, “Don’t take that next step or you’ll regret it.”
She pauses and a ton of bricks falls to the pavement right in front of her. She looks around, but no one is nearby.
The next day, she’s about to cross the street when she hears the same voice say, “Don’t take that next step or you’ll regret it.”
She pauses, and a car comes racing by and smashes into a nearby vehicle.
She looks around, but no one’s in sight. “All right,” she says, “who are you?”
“I’m your guardian angel,” the voice replies.
“Where were you on my wedding day?” the woman shouts.