Rainy River looks to boost economy in the post-pandemic era

By Allan Bradbury
Staff Writer

The Town of Rainy River is endeavoring to revive its economy for the post-pandemic world and attract more business.

Gajith Jindasa is the Economic Development Officer for the Town of Rainy River. He says the town is working on a new economic development strategy.

“We are trying to re-strategize our economic strategies in a post-pandemic economy, focusing on the tourism element, now that the borders are open,” Jindasa said. “Especially since we have traffic that runs through our town.”

In an effort to improve things for those tourists coming through town they are working on a revitalization project which will see updates to the waterfront park area.

They are also hoping to do some upgrades to the train museum.

“The ground where the Train Museum is has been sinking a bit,and then we want to sandblast and fix it up,” Jindasa said. We want to put up a new tent and do a major project with the Train Museum.”

The Town is also helping to fix up the curling club as well as the Rainy River Recreation Centre. They are waiting to hear back on funding applications that have been submitted in an effort to fund the work on those facilities.

Jindasa says there is also some hope of a modular housing plant being built in the town to create some jobs in the area.

Jindasa is also working to bring back a youth entrepreneurship program which saw kids from the Rainy River, Dawson and Lake of the Woods areas submit ideas for small businesses that they wanted to run. In partnership with New Gold’s Community Fund. More details will be released when the program is ready to accept applications.

Previous ideas submitted have included survival bracelets, a community pickleball tournament and a sunflower business.

Jindasa also says committees are hard at work planning annual events like Railroad Daze in mid-July and the Rainy River Walleye Tournament in September. In addition to those annual events the town is hoping to bring back a trade show to the area which hasn’t happened since the local Chamber of Commerce was disbanded. More information about upcoming events will be available soon.